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For over 16 years, County Living has been helping St. Louis area families improve their homes and landscapes, enhance health and fitness, care for their pets, and find enjoyable places to get away. In our pages, you will find a selection of quality, proven companies and professionals that have consistently satisfied our readers’ needs and wants, and continue to develop new customer relationships with each issue.

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What’s in Every Issue


Find ideas and the right resources for remodeling, updating design, decorating and keeping your home safe, comfortable, clean and enjoyable. And, finding the perfect new home to fit your lifestyle.

Health & Fitness

Learn about how to improve fitness, bone density, muscle strength, what to look for in senior living for a loved one, how to change undesired behaviors, and how to measure your health and fitness progress.

Landscapes & Exteriors

Inspiration for transforming your yard with a natural water habitat, luxury swimming pool, gardens, trees, and plantings, improving concrete and asphalt surfaces, and blocking excessive sun from your windows.


Calendar of regional activities and events, Random Musings from Gerry Mandel, On the Road with John Robinson, A Place in the Country by Bill Ziercher, local artist profiles, the good life at Innsbrook.

Pet Love & Care

Where and how to protect, train, groom and board your furry family members, and to enhance your enjoyment with pets at home and even pursue a career caring for pets.

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