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Long Term Care Insurance

If You Own Long Term Care Insurance, Consider Yourself Lucky

The one reason you should consider yourself to be lucky is that up to now, you have not been sick or disabled for an extended period of time in which you were no longer able

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Remodel After

Refinishing Your Bath and Kitchen: Remodeling Without Replacement

Ask any decorator and you’ll find that kitchens and bathrooms are typically the most expensive rooms in your home to remodel. It’s because a big part of getting that new look means messy, time-consuming removal

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Natural Water Feature

Enjoy a Natural Water Feature in Your Own Yard

This continues our discussion about planning a water feature, picking up where we left off in the Summer issue of County Living.   Consider Location When designing your water feature, plan it to be interacted

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Aledora Roofing

New Inspire Aledora™ Slate Roofing

Brings the Authentic Beauty of Thick Slate to Homes and Buildings Everywhere Thick slate is one of today’s most desired roofing styles because of its majestic, natural beauty. But many homeowners and roofing contractors shy

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Outdoor Addition

An Outdoor Room addition: Change’s Couples Lifestyle

Bob and Marty Lutter have a beautiful home in Chesterfield that had a cedar deck and staircase. Over time the deck had deteriorated to a point where it was rarely enjoyed by family or used

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