Enjoy Great Room Comfort


Great rooms, with their large windows and beautiful views, provide a wonderful open feeling and their large windows provide great views of the outdoors. For many homeowners the great room was the feature that convinced them to purchase their home, and is the room they enjoy the most. However, many homeowners with great rooms complain about excessive heat from the sun and glare they experience during hours of direct sunlight. And the problem is not only during warm weather months. During winter the sun is actually lower in the sky, meaning that it shines more directly into the great room.

Now there is a new generation of exterior shading products that dramatically reduce heat and glare, especially in great rooms, without requiring a change to the beauty of the interior craftsmanship. These solar screens shade from the outside. If you can stop the harmful rays from passing through your window with an outdoor solar screen, you will eliminate the inside greenhouse effect which captures and retains the excessive indoor heat. Outdoor Shade is so much more effective than the best windows, tinting, or blinds. You will stop the heat, stop the glare and stop the fading.

GREAT ROOM SOLAR SCREENS cover windows from the outside, while still permitting light to come through, maintaining outdoor views. They are motorized and easy to operate with either a hand-held remote control or a wall-mounted remote control. When the sun is not blazing through the window, you can simply retract the solar screen into its discreet, overhead cassette. The smaller screens are fully wind resistant and the larger ones are rated for winds of 40 miles per hour (and winds seldom exceed 40 mph on sunny days). Adding to the convenience is the option of having a sun sensor that automatically extends the solar screen during times of intense sunlight and then retracts the solar screen during dim lighting or cloudy conditions.

You can reduce air conditioning and fading of furnishings and woodwork by blocking undesirable heat and ultra-violet light. During cooler weather you can retract the screens to allow the warmth of the sun to enter your home, keeping your heating costs down.

For more information on this new generation of Great Room Glory, you can contact Shade Your World. Entering their 26th summer of business, this company has provided more retractable awnings than any other company in this area, as well as a full range of outdoor shading products. Their mission is to Shade Your World and Brighten Your Day. Each product is custom designed to your individual specifications and will be built and installed within three weeks. Now you can shade your windows like never before.

To learn more about shading products from Shade Your World, or for a free in-home estimate, you can call them at 314.740.5100 or visit their website at ShadeStL.com.