Chill Your Way to Natural Healing, Increased Energy and Well-Being

Cryotherapy Sauna. Photo By Sara Levin

Cryotherapy is a brief, intensive exposure to dry, cold air that triggers natural healing. Developed forty years ago to reduce soreness and pain of arthritis, it also provides faster muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, improved skin and a general feeling of well-being. It is painless, and results are dramatically quick and surprisingly long lasting. The Cryotherapy Sauna lowers skin surface temperature to 30 degrees in 30 to 45 seconds and keeps it there for two to three minutes. The cold air is dry, so it never freezes the skin. The cold sends signals to the brain that move blood from extremities to the core, where it is enriched with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients. As you re-warm, this rich blood is pushed back to the extremities, increasing circulation, replacing damaged cells and expelling toxins. Afterwards, you will have a warm, tingling sensation, and experience release of endorphins, your “feel-good” hormones. After ten to fifteen minutes you will notice increased energy that lasts for up to six hours. Reduced muscle soreness enables faster recovery, reduced anxiety and improved sleep. Increased collagen production can reduce cellulite, for healthier skin and appearance. For over four years, SubZero Cryotherapy has been providing these benefits to athletes and others who are active and health-conscious, first at their location at 17722 Chesterfield Airport Road in Chesterfield, and now also in the city at 5323 Northrup Ave. near The Hill.

MEGAN SANDERS is owner of SUBZERO and a certified physical and massage therapist. She also offers Muscle Release Technique stretching therapy to relieve pain, tendonitis and limited range of motion. This treatment lengthens muscles and improves circulation, reducing inflammation so permanent healing can take place. At SubZero, new clients can experience the benefits of cryotherapy for the special rate of just $20 for your first session. You can make your appointment by calling 636-778-2233. You can learn more about cryotherapy and read testimonials from SubZero clients at