These Homeowners Have Found the Easier Way to a Cleaner House

For some homeowners, their least favorite task is vacuuming. Dragging a big canister or upright vacuum around the house and up the stairs. Getting the power cord tangled up with the hose and hung up on the furniture. The noise bothering others in the house. And after all that, feeling like they really haven’t gotten their house as clean as they’d hoped, because the vacuum just didn’t have enough power to remove all the pet hair, dust and tracked-in dirt. So, they must go through all of that again.


And yet we have met some homeowners who are genuinely enthusiastic about vacuuming. How can that be? What they have in common is that instead of dragging around a vacuum cleaner and having to plug in and re-plug the power cord wherever they go, they have a BEAM® vacuum system built into their home, with outlets wherever they’re needed. They have amazing instant vacuum power when they plug in the hose. And they can barely hear the vacuum, because the power unit is in their garage or basement.


Karen Yeager in Oakville has mostly hardwood and tile floors in her home. “We have had two dogs and two cats that shed like crazy. Bulky canister vacuums – even expensive ones – don’t let you get right up to the baseboards and deep into cracks. The BEAM vacuum has so much suction that if you just get close to pet hair on the floor it will pick it up instantly. I just plug the hose into the wall and go wherever I need to, without having to drag a heavy canister around.” She also plugs a hose into the BEAM power unit in the garage, making it very easy to clean car interiors.

Karen has had a BEAM system installed in three of her homes, in her two daughters’ homes and even their lake house. In her kitchen, she has the Vac-Pan, a built-in dustpan connected to her BEAM system. Just sweep dirt over to it, and everything gets whisked away, without bending over or emptying a dustpan. Recent remodeling in their home threw sawdust everywhere. And just like the glitter from Christmas, her BEAM system got everything up quickly and easily.


Crystal Younger of St. Charles has had BEAM built-in vacuums in her homes for over 20 years. Her family has allergies, and the canister vacuums they owned in the past would blow dust back out into the house. She says, “The BEAM system removes all dust from the house, and with the canister in the garage, emptying it there keeps the dust from coming back in.” Crystal has a home business that throws off lots of threads and dust in her work room. Two hose outlets in that room keep the space completely clean and dust-free. She enthusiastically recommends BEAM built-in vacuums to her friends.

The passion BEAM built-in vacuum owners feel about their BEAM is clear. They all say that once you’ve had a BEAM, you’ll never want to vacuum the other way again. A BEAM whole-house cleaning system can be built into any existing home at no extra cost. For a free phone estimate, or to learn more about a BEAM system for your home, you can call BEAM of St. Louis at 314-391-9303, or visit them online at