Professional Landscape and Architectural Lighting

How to achieve the best results

Once you have decided to add the beauty, safety and security of landscape lighting to your home, the next decision is selecting the company that will provide you with the best results and the best value. Here are some considerations for making that choice.

First, it is important to select a provider that is really focused on landscape lighting. You can find sprinkler companies, landscapers and others who offer outdoor lighting as a sideline or to fill in months when they are not busy. But a dedicated landscape lighting company brings significant advantages.

An experienced landscape lighting professional knows how to artfully showcase trees and plantings as well as the architectural features of your home, without glare or uneven illumination. The company you select should employ their own designers, installers and service personnel for maintaining your system.

Ask about the equipment they use – you want fixtures that will really stand up to harsh weather conditions, a heavy-duty transformer that will provide balanced illumination and long life, with options for automated controls and energy savings.

The most experienced outdoor lighting provider in the St. Louis area is Jeff Mitchell Landscape Lighting. Since 1997 they have installed and maintained lighting systems at many of the finest homes and most visible public attractions in the St. Louis area.

Their fixtures are made exclusively with corrosion-resistant materials such as hand-spun copper and cast brass. They will stand up for years in harsh outdoor settings where rain, fertilizers and sun would destroy other materials.

Jeff Mitchell Lighting is leading the way with premium halogen lights in fixtures that use a fraction of the energy of line voltage systems, saving their clients as much as 75% in energy costs. Residential energy expense for their halogen lighting installations typically range around $10 per month, depending on the number of lights. They use commercial grade multiple-volt transformers to ensure perfectly balanced illumination, and their lighting control automation allows you to set the system once and never change it again.

They take pride in prompt, capable service to their customers, years after the initial installation. Following free maintenance for 12 months after your system is installed, they offer ongoing and very cost-effective maintenance programs where the lighting system is completely checked out and bulbs replaced as needed.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what to expect, ask satisfied neighbors who provided and services their outdoor lighting, and check their references. Chances are that those who are most satisfied use Jeff Mitchell Lighting. You can learn more about them and see a gallery of their installations at If you would like to schedule a complimentary design consultation or need more information, you can call Jeff Mitchell Lighting any time at 314-665-2500.