A Beautifully Designed and Hand-Built Entry


A custom entry can dramatically enhance property value as well as create an outstanding impression. It is important that your entryway be built to last years, even decades. It is surprising that even in the most impressive new homes, standard entry doors often need to be replaced within just a few years.

The Scobis Company is the custom wood door specialist in the Midwest that builds custom wood doors of enduring quality for residential and commercial projects. Their craftsmanship, combined with the beauty of their designs creates stunning and unique entries for their customers. They also create custom designs for entire entryways and interior doors. Their doors are assembled by hand from the finest hardwoods in the Old World tradition you find at the most impressive churches, universities and homes.

The Custom Entry Process begins with their in-house designers, focusing on both visual aesthetic design and structural integrity engineering. Their design services assure that the door can be built to the owner’s wishes with no sacrifice in security, function, aesthetics and most important, quality.Once the design, accompanied with shop drawings, specifications and a cost quote are accepted, the door is then put into production. All wood materials are hand selected for color and grain continuity. Doors are laminated in two pieces to add strength and prevent warping. Only the finest materials are used in their doors – oak, mahogany, cherry, and walnut. Hardware is solid brass or bronze, in a variety of finishes. They use heavy weight locksets and ball bearing hinges.

The assembled door and frame are then prepped for the selected hardware. Accuracy in this step is critical to function and performance, since these doors can weigh as much as three hundred pounds. Finally, hardware is removed in preparation for finishing. Finishing includes many steps with hand sanding between each of the stain and top coats. The controlled shop environment assures that all six sides of the door are properly and thoroughly sealed.

The final step is on-site installation, where all the design, engineering, assembly and finishing come together for perfect function, security and impressive appearance.

The Scobis Company has the confidence and track record to offer a warranty on their wood doors. The permanent quality and timeless beauty give them value which outlasts the monetary consideration in their purchase.

The Scobis Company is the choice of custom homebuilders and institutions in the Midwest, including leading universities and distinguished churches. They understand that buying a custom door may seem overwhelming, and every effort is made to make this a pleasant experience. They are committed to always living up to or exceeding their high standards of performance and quality. They encourage their clients to take an active part in the design of their entryway because, after all, this is the portal through which homeowners will welcome friends and family for many years to come.

If you would like to discuss an entry at your home or institution, or have any questions, you are welcome to visit The Scobis Company showroom by appointment at 137 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd, Chesterfield 63005. The owner, Mike Rachocki, can be reached by email at mike@scobiscompany.com, or by phone at 636-530-7545. To see more of Scobis’ work, visit scobiscompany.com.