The Most Advertised Windows May Not Be the Best Choice for Your Home

There are a few window brands you see very widely advertised. But did you know that there are over 900 different brands of windows and glass doors available for homes and businesses? And a lot of those actually have better energy ratings and better warranties than some of the best-known brands.

Because windows should last a long time, when it’s time to replace them it’s important that you make the right decision, so that you will be satisfied for a long time. Is the right choice for your home wood framed windows? Vinyl windows? Double-hung, awning or casement windows?

The good news is that windows and glass doors have improved remarkably since most homes were built. So, when it is time to replace them, you will most likely get more attractive, more secure, easier to clean and more energy-efficient windows and glass doors than those you have been living with. And those improvements have been achieved in most brands offered. So, when you see familiar brands touting improvements like more energy-efficient glass, tilt-in frames for easier cleaning, or double-gasket for a better seal, remember that you really have hundreds of choices in windows that offer the same improvements.

One replacement window company here, Arch City Window, takes pride in their depth of knowledge of the brands they offer. This includes the best-known brands, and many you may not know. Their technicians use thermal technology to determine any air leaks and they will also assess any other damage to your existing windows to help you decide whether you are ready to replace them. If not, there is no pressure to buy. In fact, Arch City will happily seal all the windows in your house to help you get a few more years with the existing windows. And their experienced installers assure a secure, insulated and professional job.

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