Open Upright MRI: A Rare Experience in Missouri

For some, the confined space inside the MRI “tube” can make a doctor-ordered procedure impossible to complete.

Claustrophobia or even panic can bring a traditional MRI scan to a halt. But now there is an alternative. The Open Upright MRI is the only one of its kind in Missouri. Patients travel hundreds of miles to the heart of St. Louis to get their MRI at Open Upright MRI of Missouri.

This unique scanner is visibly different than a traditional MRI, with nothing in front of the patient’s face for most exams. Often patients can complete their MRI while watching TV. In addition to being open, the Open Upright MRI also offers positional imaging capabilities – patients can be scanned sitting, standing or in other positions in which they won’t feel pain. The scanner also accommodates patients who weigh up to 500 pounds.

“An MRI is a crucial step to providing doctors with all of the diagnostic information needed to deliver the best care possible to their patients,” said Kishan Yalavarthi, M.D., Open Upright MRI of Missouri medical director. “For patients who are claustrophobic or who otherwise would not fit in a traditional MRI, the ability to sit comfortably and relax by watching television makes all the difference in helping them get through their exam.”

Appointments at Open Upright MRI of Missouri are available Monday through Saturday at 11737 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, MO 63141. Patients with a doctor’s referral may schedule an appointment by calling 314.291.6736 (OPEN). You can visit Open Upright MRI of Missouri’s website, for more information.