A Personal Trainer is the Key to Achieving Your Goals


There are important reasons why people want to start an exercise and nutrition program. To lose weight, get strong and healthy, look and be their best for an upcoming event, or to simply be a positive role model for their family. These reasons take on personal importance that is unique to each individual.

What is not unique, however, are the three major barriers to success that my clients faced when they tried to reach these goals on their own. These issues are exactly why they turned to me to achieve the success you see in the examples on this page, and why you may consider doing the same if you are having a hard time reaching your health and fitness goals: NOT KNOWING HOW TO PUT A COMPLETE PROGRAM TOGETHER. A comprehensive health and fitness program should consist of all the following with the proper amounts/ratios related to your specific goals: Nutrition, Supplementation, Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Exercise, Flexibility or Mobility Work and Proper Rest. If this seems a little overwhelming, you’re not alone.

NOT HAVING A WORKABLE PLAN OF ACTION. You can try the latest and greatest diet and exercise program known to man, but if it doesn’t fit into your schedule or physical capabilities, as well as integrate all the components listed above, then you’re simply wasting your time. A health and fitness plan must be “doable” for the individual – otherwise it is useless.

NOT HAVING A PROPER SUPPORT SYSTEM IN PLACE. Making changes in your routine necessary for achieving specific health and fitness goals can be extremely challenging.

It’s inevitable that you will come up against frustrations, uncertainties and questions along the way. Having someone there to guide, motivate, educate, support and hold you accountable to what you have committed to do for yourself will prove to be one of the best ways to reach your goals.

If you are struggling with one or all of these problems on your path to improved health and fitness, then I would recommend not to waste another single day. I have helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and I can help you as well!

BRET KLIETHERMES is owner of STRONG HUMAN FITNESS LLC, a personal training company that offers Complete Fitness Programs to help his clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. Bret has a Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Wellness Promotion from Missouri State University, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Professional Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Bret offers both private and semi-private training to fit all budgets and schedules. For a no obligation, no pressure consultation to discuss your goals and programs you can call Bret at 314-691-9040, email bret@stronghumanfitness.com, or visit www.stronghumanfitness.com.

Bret works with clients at The Fitness Partner Inc., a boutique gym located at 14528 South Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield 63017. For 23 years, the Fitness Partner has offered members a more private alternative to the large box gyms that are often noisy and overcrowded. Owner/operator Randy Stone has more than 25 years of personal training experience, knows all members by name, and can be found in the gym 6 days a week. The Fitness Partner is also a proud supporter of the Joshua Chamberlain Society, a grassroots 501c3 that provides long term support to severely wounded veterans and their families from the greater Saint Louis area.