What Would You Want for Your Loved One in a Senior Living Community?

Chances are very good that you will find it at Cape Albeon.

Nearly every family will at some time need a different living option for a senior or elderly loved one. It could be an older adult or couple who still want to live independently but not the maintenance chores of having their own home. Or an elderly family member whose daily living needs can no longer adequately be provided at home.

In either case, families would certainly want their loved one to be in comfortable, attractive and safe surroundings where all their needs would be met. Also important are the availability of amenities and programs that would enable them to continue pursuing interests and activities that contribute to their quality of life. Ideally, it would be a community able to accommodate their changing needs over the coming years, instead of having to search again.

Cape Albeon is a complete senior living community in a beautiful park-like setting reminiscent of a New England village, right in the heart of St. Louis County. Founded seventeen years ago, it is a Life Plan Community, offering living options to accommodate the changing needs of residents over the years they are there.

Independent living at Cape Albeon is offered in both beautiful retirement apartments in The Harbor building, and in individual picturesque lakeside cottages. Both offer the combination of complete independence along with support of the Cape Albeon community, including fine dining, indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness facility, library, salon and more. Housekeeping, recreational and social activities are provided, as well as transportation for trips, shopping, and cultural events.

Assisted living care for those with greater needs in everyday living is provided at The Village at Cape Albeon, a one-story building on a quiet lane. The Village offers comfortable accommodations in a beautiful home-like setting. Dining room, living room, chapel, enclosed courtyard and outdoor lake scenery encourage gathering, social interaction and quiet contemplation. A nurse and well-trained aides attend to the needs and condition of assisted living residents.

A full calendar of activities and events on the Cape Albeon campus, as well as group outings to points of interest contribute to the quality of life and provide residents with plenty to look forward to. By encouraging residents to participate, staff empower them to do What Would You Want for Your Loved One in a Senior Living Community? more and enjoy life more. The cuisine is a true point of distinction, and family members often bring friends to enjoy meals with them in a private dining room for those occasions.

Cape Albeon is a caring community that also offers top-quality transitional memory and respite care. It is a not-for-profit member of the St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors family, a highly respected senior service provider founded in 1961. Cape Albeon is a member of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries of the United Church of Christ, and welcomes all faiths. They also offer Passport to Travel, a program with other UCC communities throughout the United States that enables residents to lodge free of charge at a sister community of their choice for up to two weeks. Cape Albeon residents can experience the excitement of new cities with the welcoming hospitality that feels like home, simply for the cost of their own travel and incidentals. Locations include Phoenix, North Carolina, West Bend, Seattle, Tennessee, Michigan and more.

Cape Albeon is located just west of the intersection of Big Bend and Dougherty Ferry Roads. To learn more about Cape Albeon, you can call (636) 861-3200 to arrange a visit and tour, and you can visit their website at www.CapeAlbeon.com.