Bridging the Gap:

Planning Your Home for the Next Third of Your Life

What if you could re-configure your home’s layout and interior for how you really want to live in coming years? As Baby Boomers finally have their homes to themselves, there are exciting new design choices to consider. The opportunity is to see your current home or next home with new perspective that reflects how you want to live today and in the future.

Re-Defining Your Interior Environment
Consider the opportunity to expand the areas you use most in a more open, airy flow to maximize the overall enjoyment of your home every day. You will be amazed to see how much life and light this brings to all areas of your home, and the emotional response the changes evoke.

It’s about making better use of the space that’s already there, breathing new life into what was a predictable interior. If there is a wall that interrupts the flow in a floor plan, don’t plan around it; decide how to eliminate it, to give you the flowing space you really want.

Think about re-defining the relationship of your kitchen to the rest of your home. Kitchens have become prime gathering places for entertaining and everyday living, adding enjoyment to the preparation of food along with lively conversation. A kitchen that is out and open, with comfortable seating, music and electronics, adds to the enjoyment.

Another room that has taken on new meaning is the bathroom. For too long the lowly bathroom in most homes has been a very typical layout with focus only on functional aspects, without much thought given to the concept of enjoying time spent there. Instead, look at the bathrooms as a personal sanctuary to relax and get away from it all. We can achieve bliss with unexpected choices for materials and surface textures, wonderfully designed plumbing fixtures, making daily necessities a wonderful part of your lifestyle.

The appeal of Modern
As we open more flowing spaces, increase natural light and eliminate clutter, homeowners are discovering the pleasure and appeal of clean, modern design. Open space, interior architectural details, clean surfaces and primary objects become focal points. When you design and decorate with fewer things, those things can take on much more power and significance.

Luxury and sophistication are not a state of bank account, but a state of mind. Great design is within reach for all who desire and embrace the concept. The first thing you do is to work with an interior architect with the vision and knowledge to help you re-configure existing space or plan the space in a new home. To achieve results you will be thrilled with, share your thoughts and ideas with the designer, then have the courage to step back and let them create beyond your imagination. Most of all, it should be an expression of who you are and where you are willing to go.

Peg Hammerschmidt leads Hammer & Schmidt Design Inc. Her firm specializes in modern residential architectural interiors for both remodeling and new construction. Peg has a passion for contemporary architecture and her appreciation is reflected in the collaborative way she works with architects and keeps contractors on track with the new design sensibility, assuring that all details reinforce the desired look and feel.

Peg is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, one of the top design schools in the world. She works as an advocate for the homeowner in the design and selection process. Custom work includes not just architectural interiors, but custom design furniture, cabinetry, lighting and other features. An important part of her work is 3D visualization techniques with CAD or hand rendering.

You can contact Peg to discuss your project by phone at 310-435-3294, and to see examples of their work you can visit their website  clm