A Comfort, Safety and Energy Consultation for Your Home

To identify building performance issues and reduce repair and maintenance costs

With the rising cost of repairs and home maintenance, there is increasing interest in how a home is performing, and discovering hidden issues. This joins the list of other concerns homeowners often have about air circulation, uncomfortable temperatures and humidity, and even carbon monoxide leaks. In the past homeowners have not had comprehensive information to pinpoint specific problem areas in their homes.

“Building performance” is the belief that buildings, and especially homes, can and should be made safe, comfortable, durable, energy-efficient, and weather proof. A building performance contractor takes a whole-house perspective to assess a problem’s causes and to propose the most effective solution. Now for the first time there is technology available for homeowners that provides “whole house or specific issue” inspections to identify causes of problems and the best way to address them, either in their own homes or in a home they are considering purchasing.

The building performance consultant uses instruments to measure and document issues or concerns to assure the homeowner a safe and comfortable building.

A building consultation begins by interviewing the homeowner about their specific concerns – issues of comfort or maintenance problems they may be experiencing – moisture intrusion, a musty smell, cold rooms. A basement-to-attic noninvasive inspection is conducted to spot existing and potential problems, moisture stains (are they active?), and other building envelope issues.

Infrared imaging is used to investigate walls and identify thermal weak spots such as missing or inadequate insulation. This infrared scan reveals excessive heat loss through both windows and walls as well as hidden moisture leak conditions. Infrared imaging can also reveal hidden moisture intrusion that can lead to health issues such as mold, as well as expensive repairs. Moisture meters can measure surfaces as well as probe specific areas to confirm the moisture condition, determine severity and assist in pointing to the source of the moisture.

If your current home has a performance issue and you want to investigate the condition without major repairs, opening walls or making a big mess, we can help. If you are purchasing a new home and have concerns, you can call us to discuss how we can help provide more facts to assist in your decision.

Paul MacNeill is owner of Apple Infrared Consulting. He is a certified Forensic Investigator and is also FAA sUAS certified. He is a former president of the St. Louis chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Apple Infrared is fully insured and inspections can be customized to fit your needs. You can learn more about their services at www.AppleInfrared.com or reach them by phone at 314-800-5731. clm