Native Planting Conversions Are Solutions for Dull or Problem Landscapes

Those Areas Become Beautiful Self-Managing Naturescapes

If there is a section of your lawn that needs to be mowed, fertilized and weed killers applied, and after all that is still just ordinary, uninteresting lawn, there is an alternative that is worth considering.

Instead, you can convert that part of your lawn to a naturescape meadow, an expanse of native plant varieties that doesn’t require mowing, chemicals or even watering. Create a diverse array of perennial plantings, including beautiful wildflowers that bloom from April through October and come back better year after year. This organic, self-managing meadow eliminates exhaust emissions, air and ground pollution, herbicides and pesticides. And your natural prairie will absorb water and reduce erosion problems.

The result of this conversion is an ever-changing naturescape that improves your quality of life by attracting birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators, attractions that enhance your home’s connection with nature.

If you have sections of lawn under trees where grass just doesn’t seem to consistently grow, or that are over-exposed to sun where grass burns out, you can convert them to mulched perennial gardens.

You can eliminate the frustration of seeing grass in those areas that may start out looking nice in the spring, but by mid-summer has worn away to bare dirt where crabgrass and weeds quickly fill in. Instead you can have creative arrays of bluebells, groundcover ginger, Ohio horsemint, white anemone and other native perennials that will thrive and with just once-a year composting will burst out of the ground into a beautiful variety of colors and shapes year after year. There are also economic benefits: in those areas you have eliminated mowing, fertilizing, weed killers and upkeep. And, real estate professionals will confirm that these plantings increase property values. If you have wooded borders that are overgrown with honeysuckle, kudzu and other invasive species, you can replace those with attractive native shrubs and flowering trees.

Eliminating these dense clusters of gnarled plants will open up areas of your yard to sunlight, providing more pleasant views and a neater appearance for your yard. You will be amazed at the difference a professional crew can make in tackling these areas, and how attractive they can become with planting of native shrubs and flowering trees.

Steve Calloway is owner of Garden Green Horticulture Service. They revitalize and restore gardens, and convert areas of ordinary lawn or problem growth with beautiful native plantings that will make landscapes better year after year. Steve also helps homeowners select the plants, trees and shrubbery that best meet their aesthetic desires and that will thrive in the sunlight, soil and moisture conditions in their yards.

You can call or email Steve for a complimentary consultation in your yard, to identify your plants and advise on how to keep them healthy and looking their best. You can reach Steve at 314-288-5036 or