Is Knee Pain Making Your Life Miserable?

Consider the Proven Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

What causes osteoarthritic knee pain?

It is critical to address the underlying causes of knee pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic joint condition. It occurs when the cartilage or cushion between joints breaks down, leading to pain, stiffness and swelling. Sometimes called degenerative joint disease, the arthritic process begins for many people as the joint fluid of the knee starts to break down with age. Like the oil in your car’s engine, joint fluid lubricates and protects the tissue within the joint as well as the cartilage that covers and cushions the ends of knee bones. As lubrication decreases, friction increases and the cartilage starts to break down and wear away.
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Once bone is exposed, bone spurs can develop as the body attempts to heal itself. The knee joint no longer glides as it should, making simple movements difficult and painful. If nothing is done to increase the quality and quantity of joint fluid, the breakdown of the cartilage accelerates—leading to disabling bone-on-bone arthritic knee pain.

The Alternative to Knee Replacement

There is one proven treatment program available in the St. Louis area that has helped area residents reduce or eliminate their pain without surgery or long-term pain medications — even for those who
have sought treatment elsewhere without success. Associated Physicians Group provides a nationally acclaimed, evidence-based and patented program that has been used to treat more than 7,800 patients, many of whom already had bone-onbone osteoarthritis and still found real relief without surgery. Their program has an 87% success rate, defined as significant or complete reduction of pain with no knee replacement needed.

The Associated Physicians Group program has three phases:

Accurate Diagnosis

This begins with a detailed medical consultation, orthopedic exam, X-rays and an evaluation performed by a licensed physical therapist specializing in knee arthritis.
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Pain Relief

Your treatment team identifies the best pain relief modalities for each individual patient. One example is the unloader brace, which provides stability, support and dramatic pain relief by unloading pressure from the bone-on-bone side of the knee. This enables patients to once again participate in activities they have been unable to do. This brace also opens up the joint space to make treatment more effective.

Prevent & Restore

In addition to relieving pain, APG’s program aims to inhibit further deterioration of the knee joint, restore function and build strength, so patients can participate in activities they enjoy. Viscosupplementation is a procedure in which lubricating fluid is injected into a joint. It stimulates the natural production of thick viscous joint fluid in the knee that enables long-term pain relief and restored quality of life.

Unlike steroid injections that simply provide short-term pain relief, viscosupplementation
injections remain in the joint and improve internal conditions within it. At APG, these injections are visually guided using a fluoroscope (live motion x-ray) and dye, to ensure that the fluid is precisely placed into the proper joint space.

APG’s licensed therapists also use physical therapy to enhance the beneficial effects of the viscosupplementation. This helps develop a thick joint fluid that cushions the knee, inhibits accelerating joint damage, and reduces pain and inflammation. Their specialized progressive physical therapy works synergistically with the fluid injections to improve range of motion and strength.

This course offers progressive improvement in movement and flexibility with decreasing pain and inflammation. Increased motion in turn stimulates the natural lubrication of the knee. While it does not eliminate osteoarthritis, it can significantly reduce pain—which in turn reduces stiffness – enabling patients to return to activities they enjoy.

Associated Physicians Group is a health care practice focused on improving patients’ quality of life. Their team approach combines the expertise of medical providers, licensed physical therapists and advanced high-tech rehabilitation equipment. Physicians from leading medical institutions across the US have come to APG for training on this program.

APG accepts almost all major insurances, including Medicare, TriCare and Essence. Associated Physicians Group is located at CityPlace 5, 845 N. New Ballas Road Suite 120 in Creve Coeur. You can reach them to schedule your free consultation at 314-200-0997, and you can learn more about this program at clm