Discovering Pleasures of Outdoor Living

It’s about the outdoor spaces now most desired by homeowners

Enjoy Outdoor Living

A recent survey of American homeowners and those actively looking for a house produced some surprising
findings. One of the biggest was the desire for outdoor living spaces. It was the No. 1 “must-have,” even among those who live in climates where outdoor areas can’t be used completely year-round. Here in St. Louis, our weather allows you to live outdoors for more than half the year, plus those winter days when we wonder if spring is arriving early!

These outdoor spaces are not just patios, decks or gardens. They are furnished outdoor retreats, providing convergence between indoor and outdoor living. They are similar in size, design, features and quality materials to the adjacent indoor spaces that feel both expansive to nature and intimate at the same time. To maximize year-round enjoyment, many additions can be made such as: covering outdoor areas, adding ceiling fans, installing outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, cozy seating, and often can include complete outdoor kitchens. Full wall-size screens and solar shades protect from bugs and the sun, and then can be retracted to open up completely to the outdoors.

In the St. Louis area, one company that has been leading this trend to creative outdoor living spaces is Heartlands Building Company. Since 2002, Heartlands has become known as a designer and builder of custom outdoor living areas, with over 2,000 satisfied customers. Their success is fueled by their passion for delivering quality.

Larry Brost, founder of Heartlands, focuses on listening to customers and working with their ideas for how they would like to use outdoor living areas. “Customer thoughts and desires are compiled into a design document and eventually into building plans. They can’t always visualize the final product, but they can describe how they plan to enjoy their outdoor areas, ranging from date nights to barbecuing to entertaining family and friends.” Customers are pleasantly surprised that their design is exactly
what they wanted. Larry believes in fully integrating outdoor living spaces into the existing home. These outdoor retreats are constructed for frequent high traffic use, and to be worry free long after completion, Heartlands uses the most durable exterior rated products. This passion for quality is shared by co-owners Dick O’Brien, Adam Twellman and Jake Halloran.

Heartlands Building Company has enhanced many of St. Louis County’s finest homes, and will work closely with you to develop a design, work plan and a fixed price for your dream project. You can call Heartlands for a free an-home consultation or an appointment at their showroom in Chesterfield Valley at 636-728-0003 You can learn more about them and view a gallery of their screen rooms, decks, homes and additions at