Assisted Living Where Quality of Life Is the Difference

The Village at Cape Albeon was created for residents’ health, safety and enjoyment

As the population in the St. Louis community ages, many of our elderly are affected by chronic conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, heart disease or memory impairment that make it difficult to live independently. When an elderly family member needs increasing levels of help in everyday living, the option for assisted living care comes into focus.

And in response to this growing need, many new assisted living facilities are opening in our area. For families that have a loved one with a need for assisted living, it’s not always readily apparent what distinguishes one facility from another. Especially for those that have recently opened that may not have an established history or available references from families based on experience with them.
Cape Albeon

One assisted living community located in the heart of St. Louis County that is well established, with a 17-year heritage and longterm staff providing loving care is The Village at Cape Albeon. Unlike the large, multi-story assisted living facilities located on busy thoroughfares, The Village offers assisted living all on one level in its own one-story building. This means no steps or elevators that can be safety hazards. The Village is on a quiet lane on the Cape Albeon campus, in a natural setting with two lakes.

The Village offers comfortable living in a beautiful environment. The dining room, living room, chapel, enclosed courtyard, outdoor lake scenery and wildlife encourage gathering, social interaction and quiet contemplation. A full calendar of activities and events on the Cape Albeon campus, as well as group outings to points of interest contribute to the quality of life and provide residents with plenty to look forward to. The cuisine is a true point of distinction, and family members often bring friends to enjoy meals with them in private dining rooms available for those occasions.

Karen Lynn has been a licensed practical nurse at Cape Albeon for 16 of the 17-year history of the Village. She supervises aides who attend to the needs of assisted living residents, and is the person responsible for the condition of residents. Karen strongly believes
that assisted living is not the end of enjoyment and quality of life. By encouraging residents, pushing them a bit, the staff actually empowers them to do more and enjoy life more. As a Life Plan Community, they are able to accommodate changing needs of residents over the years they are there.
Cape AlbeonCape Albeon
Karen has a personal relationship with each of the residents that enables her to be sensitive to their well-being and responsive to their
individual needs. She says, “I feel that I know them so well that I can just tell if something’s not right with them, if they don’t seem
like themselves.” She and the other staff provide a home-like atmosphere and become very attached to residents. As she puts it, “When I come to work, I feel like I am coming home, and in fact I do spend more time here than with my own family.” And it has been like home for Karen, since all five of her grown children have worked at Cape Albeon.

Karen embraces the mission of Cape Albeon that always puts residents’ needs first, as a faith community that welcomes all faiths, and a not-for-profit organization that never has to cut corners to make a profit.

Cape Albeon is a beautiful, caring community that also offers retirement apartments, independent living cottages and top quality transitional memory and respite care. Cape Albeon is a member of the St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors family, a highly respected senior service provider founded in 1961. Cape Albeon is located just west of the intersection of Big Bend and Dougherty Ferry Roads. To learn more about Cape Albeon, you can call 636-861-3200 to arrange a visit and tour, and you can visit their website at clm