Technology Is Great – Except When It Doesn’t Work!

If you’ve had home computer problems and found it difficult to get them solved, here’s an innovative solution.

Twenty years ago, frustrated with how poorly her new home computer was working, Dede Catsavis looked for someone that could come out to her home to fix her computer and set it up properly so it would work the way it was supposed to. Unfortunately, Dede could not find any business that provided that service. In fact, every repair place that she contacted wanted her to lug her desktop computer (and all its parts) into their store and leave it there for several weeks to get it fixed.

That’s when Dede decided to take matters into her own hands, realizing that there was a need for speedy in-home computer repair.
Shortly thereafter She formed Computer Tutors – the first local, woman-owned, on-site computer repair service.

The hallmark of Computer Tutors is to provide clients with much-needed convenient in-home computer repair that also provides troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance, installations and training. They not only work on computers, but in addition they can help with any of your tech devices like smart phones, TVs and more. Their services are convenient because they come directly to your home – days, evenings or even weekends at no extra charge. For you, this means convenience: there’s no driving, hauling, waiting or frustration, only to find that sometimes things aren’t fixed. They come to your house and fix things on the spot. Since 1997, Computer Tutors has provided on-site computer services to thousands of clients. Well over half of the Computer Tutors clients have been with them for over a decade because they know they can trust them with their computers and in their homes.

When you call Computer Tutors, you’ll talk directly to the owner or to one of their three patient and proficient computer techs, without a bunch of recorded messages or outsourced phone support. Their techs give you their cell phone numbers and they take calls from clients. They will even help you over the phone for free if possible. If not, then they offer same or next day service and will always solve your problem.

Finally there’s a service that takes your frustration away! clm

Jacques Herzog
DEDE CATSAVIS is founder and owner of Computer Tutors. For 20 years they have provided computer services to thousands of satisfied, happy customers.
Computer Tutors works on both Windows and MAC computers, setting up home networks, eliminating viruses and also will help with any of your other electronics.
You can reach them by phone at 314-608-7920, and you can learn more about them at www