High-Tech Home Inspections

Today’s Forensic Investigations Can Save You Money and Headaches

When most homeowners see a stain or experience a leak in their home, they call a contractor and most of the time that works. However, sometimes the condition returns, meaning that the source of the leak was not found. Repeated repairs and remediation can be very costly. But today’s forensic investigations bring new scientific tools to the tasks of home and commercial building inspection. An infrared camera sees conditions hidden in walls, assists in finding the source of leaks and significantly reduces the scope and overall cost of repair. Even more important, an infrared inspection can also help avoid hazardous conditions that could threaten
the safety or health of your family.

Here are some examples of how an expert with this valuable tool can provide peace of mind and help you avoid costly problems
while effectively maintaining your home:

• Reveal unseen problems: There are conditions not visible during a traditional home or building inspection that will likely be a complete surprise to the owner, and will certainly
be a surprise to a new owner later. The homeowner was either just not aware of the condition, such as moisture leaks in a basement or from plumbing leaks, didn’t see it or it was hidden behind finished surfaces and not visible at the time of inspection. The example below is from a finished basement. The standard photo showed no problem; however, the infrared camera image shows significant moisture present behind surfaces.

• Coldest room in my home: Do you have a cold or humid room in your home, or does moisture form on a wall? An infrared camera can find a void in insulation, or a leak where the air comes in. If you have these conditions, an infrared inspection can help you focus on the precise cause of this condition.

• Flat roof homes and commercial buildings: Do you have a flat roof with moisture intrusion, causing ceiling stains? Finding the source of the leak on a flat roof using traditional methods is very hard. Water takes the path of least resistance, so it may show in one room when the actual leak source is somewhere else. An infrared camera mounted on our sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System, or drone) provides a scan of the roof surface to pinpoint the areas of moisture entry and entrapment. We can also use a non-invasive moisture meter to assist in the investigation.

• Other services we can provide with a drone: Aerial photography can add a Wow factor for selling your home or commercial property, providing bird’s eye views from above. Our drone can also provide before and after photos of home additions or landscaping renovations, or just some cool pictures of your home and property.

As with other professional services, when considering a home or building inspector you need to know what you’re getting. Unlike other states, there is no licensing of home inspectors
in Missouri. So, it is important to find an experienced inspector who has the knowledge, training and experience, as well as the latest forensic technologies needed to provide you with accurate, educated opinions.

Paul MacNeill is owner of Apple Infrared Consulting. He is a certified Forensic Investigator and is also FAA sUAS certified. He is a former president of the St. Louis chapter of the American Society
of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Apple Infrared is fully insured and inspections can be customized to fit your needs. You can learn more about their services at www.AppleInfrared.com or reach them by phone at 314-800-5731.