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Todd Abrams

That’s what we offer in these pages.

And those categories aren’t mutually exclusive. Enjoy the warmth of radiant heated bathrooms, or the convenience of controlling your home’s temperature from your smart phone. Enjoy a new pool, or beautiful new finishes for your existing pool. Enjoy a new roof, beautiful plantings and landscaping.

Enjoy the benefits of being “Healthier than Healthy” as described in our feature article on page 12, and the benefits of improved fitness from personal trainer Bret Kliethermes and hypnotherapist Joan Krueger.

And, right in these pages enjoy the writers on our Arts & Thoughts pages. Our ongoing columns Random Musings from Gerry Mandel and On the Road with John Drake Robinson, as well as some old favorites: two poems by Robert Frost, including a link to a reading by the poet himself, and brief bits of wit and wisdom from Mark Twain. We invite local writers to submit their own short-form pieces for consideration in future issues. Let us know what you would like to enjoy in these pages and on our website

-Todd Abrams