The Professional Approach to a Truly Beautiful Landscape

Whether you are planning new landscaping for your property or looking to upgrade and refresh your existing gardens and beds, before buying individual plants, it is worthwhile to consider the space as a whole in choices of plant material and placement of color, height, shape, and texture to make a truly appealing and enjoyable landscape.


In addition to plant selection, there are hardscape features such as walkways, patios, retaining walls, beds and planters that can define areas of your yard, contain plantings and create outdoor living spaces that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Also gaining interest is the use of plantings that are native to the St. Louis region. Native landscaping brings an authentic beauty and sustainability to your landscape and home.

Just as in designing a home, there is real benefit to working with professionals who will listen to your wants and needs, share ideas to arrive at a design, then follow through with excellent construction and installation. One team of experts in the St. Louis area that has years of experience and excellent knowledge of the world of landscapes is SFP Landscaping.

The experts at SFP Landscaping take the time to discuss your goals and ideas, and work with you to formulate them into a workable plan. They can help you in the early stages of your project to plan for optimum growth and beauty for your landscape.

SFP Landscaping provides high quality landscape design and installation for new homes, new pool installations, commercial sites, home renovations, secret garden areas, patios, and more. To set up a free consultation with an SFP Horticultural Expert, you can call them at 314-544-4436, and you can learn more about them at clm