Expertise: It’s the Opposite of “Do It Yourself”

It seems that in our ever-more complicated world, any major project you contemplate, or purchase you make comes with many options to consider, requiring ever more decisions that you have to make. We understand that our readers are busy with their own work and family lives. Rather than trying to become expert at everything from remodeling your home to getting in great shape to creating a water garden, you value the role of experts, professionals who can guide you through these decisions as well as handle the heavy lifting.

Our goal at County Living Magazine is to find and select innovative and quality products and services of interest and value, and the most accomplished expert providers, then introduce them to you in articles that can be helpful in choices you make.

You won’t find anything in these pages that is “do it yourself.” We believe that when you are making an investment in your home, or considering options for your health and well being, it is worthwhile to engage experts who really add value for you. After all, how many screen rooms, kitchens or fences do you expect to build in your lifetime? If you are committing your resources and the integrity of your home to these projects, our perspective is that it’s more important to know that they are done right and that they will provide value for you and your family than it is to be able to tell people that you did them yourself.

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Todd Abrams