Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of St. Louis County

September 25, 2012

Many of us have lived here our whole lives, yet there is so much we don’t know about the rich history of our county.

To help our residents learn more about the development of this area, County Living Publications has re-published a book that documents the county’s first 100 years, The History of St. Louis County Missouri by William Lyman Thomas. This book, first published in 1911, is now available to help commemorate the 200th anniversary of the organization of St. Louis County on October 1, 1812.

This fascinating history covers the period from the earliest settlers in the region, up through the Civil War and into the first decade of the 20th Century. It documents the towns, villages and neighborhoods, schools, churches, social societies, government, businesses, transportation and amusements of the turn of the last century, providing abundant facts, figures and the names of thousands of the individuals active in all these endeavors.

Reading this book adds richness to living in this area by sharing what the county was like when it was little more than a collection of towns connected by rail and dirt roads, much different from the bustling settled community we know today. There has been quite a lot written about the history of the City of St. Louis and about Missouri, but not about St. Louis County, where most people in the region now live.

Owning this book adds to the experience of living here through understanding what life was like and who the hardy souls were that pioneered our county and that so many our streets, towns and other places are named for.

Since St. Louis was the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US in the year 1911, this book really provides an illustrative understanding of suburban America 100 years ago. The original book is now available in only in the reference collections at local libraries and historical societies. We are making it available this year so that every home can own this important piece of our rich history.

Every time you pick up the book and read a chapter you come away with an appreciation of life here 100 years ago, or a little nugget of information that has relevance to today. Individual chapters discuss the five townships that make up the County, as well as chapters devoted specifically to each town in them. Steam and street railways and the main roads through the County are discussed in detail. There are a number of photographs of landmarks and other buildings we recognize today. A whole chapter is devoted to the separation of the City of St. Louis from the County in 1875.
This book makes a great Holiday, business or personal gift. For quantity pricing, more information or to order the book, please visit www.stlcountyhistory.com

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