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The New Age In Exterior Wall Coating

Tens of thousands of homeowners and businesses worldwide are breaking the cycle of painting and repainting with a significantly advanced option. Ceramic exterior coating is a revolutionary product that combines the natural appearance of a freshly painted surface with the permanence and durability associated with vinyl or aluminum siding. Ceramic coating like Rhino Shield looks like fresh rich paint and comes with a 25-year transferable warranty. It can be applied to virtually anything like all woods (including cedar), stucco, Masonite/color-loc, brick, block, Tudorstyle homes, aluminum, steel and other metals.

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The Only Roofing that Weathered the Storm

St. Albans is a scenic community of towering bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, with breathtaking properties, architectural integrity and natural beauty. But with this picturesque setting sometimes comes severe seasonal weather, which can damage houses, particularly roofing. In April 2014, a high-powered storm system swept St. Albans and the surrounding St. Louis area.

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Landscape and Architectural Lighting

As you get closer you see the highlighted architectural features gracefully showcased by precise accent lighting, or sparkling foliage in the yard – glowing trees, bushes, plantings, water features, or softly lit pathways. As much as you might appreciate how gorgeous these lighted homes look, to really understand their appeal you should talk to homeowners who have custom outdoor lighting.

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Vintage Style Adds to Enjoyment of Wonderful Landscapes & Exteriors Outdoor Living Space

Bret and Missy Lewis had nothing but grass outside their back door, but always knew they wanted to add outdoor living areas when they built their O’Fallon home. What they have created combines new construction with a vintage feel. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are great sources of ideas for building, adding on, and decorating your home.

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