Taking the Stress out of Getting an MRI

When traditional MRIs make you uncomfortable, an Open Upright MRI may help you get the scan you need.

MRI scans can be stressful – even if you’re not usually claustrophobic. The traditional “tube-style” MRIs are often the ones to cause the most anxiety. There are also “open” MRIs – that help some feel comfortable enough to get a scan. But for those who struggle to get through an exam on an open MRI, there’s an alternative.

While an open MRI scans you lying down, an Open Upright MRI scans you seated or standing. The machine components are located on either side of you, and there’s nothing overhead. You can easily see in front of you. Sometimes you can watch TV as a distraction.

For many, the design of the Open Upright scanner makes the difference in getting the scan they need. One patient, Penny, says traditional MRIs make her feel ill. “I feel sick to my stomach. I am really claustrophobic,” she states. But Penny had a completely different experience with an Open Upright MRI. She could see the technologist, Travis, and talk to him. “He was in the room with me. I could see him, and it was okay,” she adds.

“We’re trying our best to help out so we can get them on to their next part of treatment,” notes Travis, “because a lot of times they can’t move on.” He says an MRI is the gold standard because it shows much more detail. And the Open Upright MRI works for nearly all of his patients. He asserts that 99% of patients tell him they’d come back if they needed another scan.

With a doctor’s referral, you may schedule an appointment for an Open Upright MRI in Creve Coeur, by calling 314.291. OPEN (6736). For more information about the Open Upright MRI or about the high-field open MRI scanner at Ellisville, you can visit myCDI.com/StLouis. clm