Homeowner Discovers a Better Option Than Painting

Friends’ advice made a big difference for two of his homes

Chris Berry and his family had lived in the stucco and stone home they built in Sunset Hills about 11 or 12 years when it again came time to paint the exterior. As he was planning to have the job done, Chris learned from some good friends about an alternative to painting that they encouraged him to consider.

One couple lived in an older home nearby that he had always admired. And his sister and her husband had a condominium at Lake of the Ozarks with a lot of exterior cedar siding that previously had required repainting every few years. What these friends had in common was that instead of having to paint on regular basis, they had discovered a better solution that is warrantied for 25 years. It is a different product and a different process for exterior finishes, a very durable ceramic coating called Rhino Shield.

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Chris really liked the idea of not having to paint his home again, and he found the warranty very appealing. So he called Rhino Shield for an inspection and estimate. He was impressed by their comprehensive approach to not just coating, but fully protecting his home.

Once they started the job, Chris really gained an appreciation of the Rhino Shield difference. First they completely power- washed the exterior, replacing boards as needed. He liked that he didn’t have to separately hire a carpenter to do repairs needed. They then coated every crack with a 60-year elastomeric caulk. They thoroughly masked all of the stone surfaces before applying an adhesive prime sealer to the stucco that waterproofs and also bonds to the coats of durable ceramic finish. Chris said that when the job was finished, the home looked brand new. He never knew that painted stucco could look that good. There is a clean crisp vibrancy to the finish, a thicker, richer look than paint. He also had comments from friends and neighbors who complimented him on the appearance. As it turned out, Chris and his family moved from that home just a few years later, so they personally didn’t get the full benefit of the 25-year warranty. However, when they sold their home, not only did it still look great, but they found that the transferrable Rhino Shield warranty was an impressive selling point.

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They moved to a townhome complex nearby, and soon Chris was recruited to join the homeowners’ board. One immediate project they faced was the need to restore the exteriors of their Tudor style buildings. They had been thinking about adding siding, but were concerned about the cost. Chris suggested that they consider Rhino Shield. The other board members had seen his previous home and liked the look and quality of the job. So they got bids on painting, siding and Rhino Shield.

The other board members decided not to use siding, and they really liked being able to get out of the cycle of repainting every few years. They agreed that Rhino Shield would be a sound investment, and hired them to do the exterior coating. Chris was especially pleased that the same crew that had worked at his house would be doing the work on the townhomes. He had found them to be very methodical, respectful and responsive to his requests. That project is currently underway, and should be completed by the time you read this.

When it’s time for an exterior finish for your home that will really last, you can call the professionals at Rhino Shield for a free inspection and estimate at 877-257-4466. They are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and consistently win Super Service awards locally and nationally. You can visit their website www.87725RHINO.com for videos, photos and testimonials from other homeowners in this area who have discovered the difference Rhino Shield makes on their homes and also commercial properties. clm