Homeowners Discover A Better Alternative to Painting or Siding

Ceramic Coating Provides Fresh Look, Ends the Cycle of Repainting.

Homeowners Discover A Better Alternative to Painting or Siding

Joe and Jeanene Dugan live in a distinctive frame house in Sunset Hills built in 1929. In 1976 they had their home sandblasted to remove many layers of paint, and then painted their home. Since then they have had to have the house painted every five or six years which took two to three weeks every time.

The Dugans got tired of the inconvenience and expense of this frequent painting routine, so in 2009 they looked for other options. They considered siding, but ruled that out because it would not be consistent with the home’s Bavarian architectural style and clay tile roof.

Around this time, the Dugans received an issue of County Living Magazine, and read an article about a different process for exterior finishes, a very durable ceramic coating called Rhino Shield. They appreciated that it forms a thick protective coating that blocks out 100% of moisture and 90% of UV rays from the sun, the two most destructive issues in deteriorating exterior surfaces. They found the 25 year warranty very appealing.

The Dugans were also impressed with the Rhino Shield team here, which serves Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Northwest Arkansas. They called several of their previous customers and all were unanimous in praising the Rhino Shield product and also their workmanship and integrity.

Once the Rhino Shield team started on their home, the Dugans really gained an appreciation for the Rhino Shield difference. First, they completely power-washed the exterior, replacing boards as needed. They then coated every crack with a 60 year elastomeric caulk. They thoroughly masked all of the non-wood surfaces before applying an adhesive prime sealer that waterproofs and bonds to the coats of durable ceramic finish.

The Dugans said that when the job was finished, they noticed a real difference in the look of Rhino Shield. There is a clean sparkle to the finish, a richer look then they remembered from having their home painted. They also got favorable comments from friends who noticed their home as they drove by.

Lake of the Ozarks

In the fall of 2014, the Dugans faced a similar need at their condominium at The Breakers at Lake of the Ozarks. The Homeowners Association was looking at alternatives to painting the buildings every six years. Because the job required multistory scaffolding, frequent painting had become very costly. Dugan encouraged the homeowners to consider Rhino Shield ceramic coating as an alternative to siding.

The Breakers decided to try Rhino Shield on two of the 14 buildings. The Rhino Shield team did the same very thorough job they had at the Dugan home, and the results speak for themselves – owners were pleased with the process and workmanship, and many commented on the rich look of the beige and dark brown ceramic coated cedar. Four buildings at The Breakers were completed in 2014-2015, with three to be done this spring and three more in the fall. A total of 14 buildings are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

When it’s time for an exterior finish for your home that will really last, you can call the professionals at Rhino Shield for a free inspection and estimate at 877-257-4466. They are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and consistently win Super Service awards locally and nationally. You can visit their website www.87725RHINO.com for videos, photos and testimonials from other homeowners in this area who have discovered the difference Rhino Shield makes on their homes and also commercial properties. clm